Softcore Opening

Join us in celebrating the birth of   +.. <~*Little Späti*~>..+

A place for everyone. Fresh baked, cold beer, hand rolled, so trill. 8PM-10PM followed by THE After Party 10PM-4AM. Dancing is mandatory.

229 NE 65th STREET

**Little Späti (lidl sh•py•dee) – Old concept, new location. Bringing the comfort of convenience to an inconvenient world.

Follow @littlespati for updates !

$5 Suggested Donation to keep 229 alive ❤ it really does take a village !

Feeling generous? Make a one time donation or become a member of 229 and receive cool perks like free Little Späti coffee for a year or a bottle of champagne every time you come*CLICK HERE:

*plans differ based on enrolment cost

**Meet Brother Dan (Miami New Times ‘Best of’ 2018 winner for Best DJ!)  and his Terrestrial Funk RV = mobile record shop ❤(Only the best for our guests;)

Performance and sound provided by:

Ded Cooter

Street Rat

Keanu Orange

Misael Soto



Brother Dan

…some secrets


Set times TBA

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